Hear tim talk about ego-holism

 A Multitude of Counselors Interview with tim allston and four mental health professionals on.

"Ego Detox"

tim opens up about his failure and need for recovery from "ego-holism"



In the Media

Articles and Interviews with tim allston

Ministry Magazine Dec. 2018 cover (artic

December 2018

Managing Ministry's Main Menace - Ego

September 2003

I Was My Own Worst Enemy


I'm a Recovering Ego-holic


April 2017

Thrice-fired Oakwoodite thanks Employer for Exposing Addiction, pens free E-Book

October 2018

Why Cosby? Why Not?

May 2018

Starbucks: Turning Lemons into Lemonade?

September 2018

Changing Lanes: The "New and Improved" Miss America Pageant

August 2018

Omarosa vs. Trump: A 21st Century David vs. Goliath?

December 2018

Michelle Obama's "Becoming" = our Recovering



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