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The “American Ego” has landed in the White House, but the Disciples asked, “Lord, is it I?”

January 24, 2018


Last Saturday, January 20, marked the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. While badmouthed roundly in popular media, God will continue to use him as a mirror for us Christians.


Just ask the 11 disciples at the Last Supper.


Trump Triumphs and Trials

Donald Trump symbolically is the David who slew not one, but six Goliaths:


  1. The Democratic Party

  2. The Republican Party

  3. The Bush dynasty

  4. The potential Clinton dynasty

  5. The traditional media, and

  6. The Obama legacy


Yet and despite these unprecedented milestones, he remains mired in investigations, ofttimes self-inflicted wounds and a spate of allegations ranging from sexual misconduct to questionable business dealings, . . .


. . . which brings us to Jesus and his disciples in the Upper Room.


Revisiting Matthew 26:22

Matthew 26:22 recounts that following his last meal with his disciples, as he was soon to be sold out and later crucified, Jesus forecasted that one of them would betray him. Stunned at this pronouncement, 11 of the 12 queried, “Lord, is it I?”


Although Jesus initially bulls-eyed #12 Judas, he was predicting accurately the upcoming betrayal of the remaining eleven. It’s so easy and comfortable for us to want to adjudge others of sins of which we are most guilty, although camouflaged.


  . . . starting with me.


“I-Trumping” Trump


Q: why am I so quick and eager to castigate #45 for his prejudice, racial epithets, duplicitous banter, chauvinism and boastfulness? You, too?


A: because unfortunately, I (and you) harbor some if not all of these “Trump-isms” - the difference? Yours and mine have yet to surface, out loud. And consistently.


The Two-way Mirror* of Matt. 7:1-5

As practicing Christians, you and I need to be über-wary of Jesus’ counsel:


“If you judge other people, then you will find that you, too, are being judged. Indeed, you will be judged by the very standards to which you hold other people.”


And then Jesus gets real Ouch!-personal.


“Why is is that you see the dust in your brother’s or sister’s eye? Don’t ignore the wooden plank in your eye, while you criticize the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eyelashes.


“That type of criticism and judgment is a sham! Remove the plank from your own eye, and then perhaps you will be able to see clearly how to help your brother flush out his sawdust” (The Voice Bible translation).


For me in recovering from ego-holism (the addiction to self), God is allowing Donald Trump to serve as my two-way mirror: roundly critical of his policies, statements and actions, yet seeing more painfully the closeted Trump-isms in me.


Q: seeing any Trump-isms in yourself lately?


*Two-way mirror: “a panel of glass that can be seen through from one side but is a mirror on the other.”


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