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NBA’s 2018 Hall of Famers? Check out the Bible’s Hall of Fame “Starting Five”

March 11, 2018

February 16-18 was the NBA’s 67th All-Star Game/Weekend. Along with the slam-dunk, three-point and All-Star contests, spotlight will also shine on the NBA’s 2018 Hall of Fame prospects (left to right): Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Ray Allen are mentioned most for induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.


Some 2000 years ago, the Holy Bible announced its own “Hall of Fame of Faith” in the Book of Hebrews, chapter 11. In basketball language, let’s recap the Bible’s starting five:

  1. Wearing (verse) #4, at point guard representing the Martyrs for God franchise, is Abel. He took one for the team, as his brother Cain committed the first offensive foul by killing him;

  2. Wearing (verse) #5, the shooting guard is Enoch. He was not only un-defeated, but his hang-time and vertical leap allowed him to rise to heaven and never return to earth!

  3. Representing diversity and gender-inclusion, at small forward wearing (verse) #11 is Sarah - eligible for the Old-Timers Game, but known more for both her cross-over dribble (from disbelief and laughing at God, to belief and celebration with birth of son Isaac), as well as for her alley-oop pass to . . .

  4. Wearing (verse) #8, the power forward her husband Abraham - ‘cause Abraham is recorded as having made the first three-pointer: Father of Judaism; Father of Christianity; and Father of Islam! And

  5. At center, wearing (verse) #7 is Noah - he not only built the first arena; preserved and restored the human league; but, in basketball jargon, the reason that Abraham knew from where to shoot his three pointer, was because Noah created the arc (a.k.a the Ark)!


Q: who’s on your Hall of Fame of Faith starting lineup - your parents? Grandmother? Local faith leader? Boy or Girl Scout troop leader?


Did you even make your own lineup? Why, or why not?


Let’s discuss it on my Facebook page,

tim allston is the author of the free book, 7 Steps to Manage Ego Problems: The How-to Guide for “Somebody Else,” available now at



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