What’s Next?

Your 7 Steps/8-Book Series

We hope that as you read your free downloadable e-Book, 7 Steps to Manage Ego Problems: The How-to Guide for “Somebody Else,” you began to ask yourself some penetrating and difficult questions about how your “sense of self” (ego) interacts, affects those closest to you - family, friends and coworkers, for example.


Now, we are ready to answer those questions for you, . . .


Our upcoming 7 Steps/8-book series will chart a step-by-step recovering action plan for you, by overlapping current events and recent newsmakers with Biblical best-practices.   


Here’s a sneak preview of what you will learn:

Book One: Change Your Lanes

Recovering Step #1: To Change your Lanes effectively, Glance Back quickly before Driving Forward. Uncover:

  • For 2017, what Rev. Franklin Graham, President Donald Trump and Minister Louis Farrakhan all share in common!

Book Two: An Inside Job

Uncover More Buried Treasures The Deeper You Plunge Below Your Surface. Discover:

  • What Michelangelo uncovered when creating his masterpiece sculpture, David, and how that secret can help others around you now in recovering.

Book Three: Listen Up!

Recovering Step #3: Listening Mobilizes, while Talking Immobilizes Us. Find out:

  • Why you (and I) are such poor listeners, why it’s not really our fault, and how to become better, more active listeners in three steps.

Book Four: Growing Up - to be Children!

Recovering Step #4: Grow Up - to be Children! It will reveal:

  • Why this is not a self-help book.

Book Five: From Bitter Lemons to Better Lemonade

Recovering Step #5: Let Your Failures Jump-Start Your Successes. Investigate:

  • “From Barack-bottom to The White House” – how he rose from a crushing defeat in 2000, to become 44th U.S. President in 2008, once he applied these recovering steps . . .

Book Six: Got Healing? Start Revealing

Recovering Step #6: Your Greatest Healings Come out of Your Revealing. Determine:

  • How and when Hillary Rodham Clinton won her own first and greatest campaign, with her simple 22-word message.

Book Seven: Your Prologue

Recovering Step #7: Now That You Know . . . Go, Elevate and Grow! Ask yourself:

  • What’s now the next appropriate step on your recovering journey?

Book 8 (bonus): What ever happened to "Doctor" Tim Allston?

With an approved dissertation topic in hand and only one more doctoral studies course to go at Capella University in 2016, Tim Allston withdrew abruptly - but why?



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