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tim allston would like to share his expertise as an author, facilitator, speaker, writer, and certified coach with your organization.

He has spent the past 44 years in higher education administration, teaching, marketing/PR management, and customer service. 

As a result, tim’s unique first-person perspective has prepared him to aid your organization to resolve two problems that are rarely discussed in public: 

  • Recovering from the addiction to self (“ego-holism”); and 

  • Affirming leadership from the middle (“silver-mettle leadership”).

“Ego-holism is the addiction to self - either from one’s big (arrogance, conceit) or one’s little (low-/no esteem, insecurities) egos, or both! 

“Both big and little egos drain every person, organization, or activity,” he explained as a recovering ego-holic. 

Essence, Ministry, and Message magazines have featured his life-journey,  and so have his seminar-workshop presentations.

Additionally, God uncovered to tim that his lifelong personal and professional serving as a number-two person was also his unique calling.

Most of us either deny having ego issues, or devalue serving in subordinate positions as #2 persons. Or both. 

Instead, tim has embraced those two challenges completely and has run with them!

To complement his personal journey, tim became accredited in 2001 by the Public Relations Society of America; advanced-certified for Christian life coaching by the American Association of Christian Counselors and pursued doctoral studies in Educational Leadership & Management from Capella University.

tim lives in Huntsville, Alabama, with his wife Elaine and their teenage daughter Morgann Danielle.

Given his professional training and personal journey, tim is prepared and eager to share his experiences and exposures with your group.

It wasn’t easy getting their first break in the publishing world. Fortunately, a close friend and literary agent saw their potential in 2000 and that was the beginning of the first chapter of their professional literary life. Since then, tim allston has published a number of short stories and bestselling books.

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