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When Fauci says US is out of coronavirus 'pandemic phase' - The Washington Post  . . .


. . . That pushed tim allston - probably the world’s first COVID-19 victim-turned-Victorious - to publish his experiences in print, digital, audio*, and video book formats beginning in mid-July, the week following his 68th birthday, . . . 



A two-time Amazon best-selling author, allston represents and intersects three of the most vulnerable groups to COVID-19: people of color, males, and over 65. 


He tested COVID-19 positive in 2020, recovered successfully in 2021, and now shares his journey and the lessons he learned. - against the backdrop of current events and newsmakers, and in the light of Biblical best practices.

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The U.S. COVID-19 CRISIS (audio)

    A Young Woman Writing


    Denver A. Betts

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book for All to read

    Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2022

    Tim has created and updated a well written book which highlights all of our concerns about COVID-19 over the past two years. It is s both entertaining and informative.

    If you enjoyed the first book and the first revision of the book, you will love this one—this third time is a charm! He expands on and highlights his thoughts and conclusions from the original book and this 2nd revision, “comes clean” on some changes of his original thoughts.

    Tim’s clever and masterful analogues are perfect for dealing with the outcomes and “fall out” of the Covid crises. Deep thought went into his discourse on a “medal/metal/mettle--lurgy”. Brings us up-to-date on what’s been happening in our nation relative to the COVID Crises—especially from multiple perspectives—including medical, social and political!.
    Tim has written a book that has book has something for every reader—and he has tied it together perfectly!

    His personal “testimony” concerning his humble beginnings is inspiring to those of us who have a similar background. It also provides a “spot-on” perspective of man ship in this modern age—one I think all men should/must consider. Loved his originals thoughts on leadership from the middle--#2-ness! Read this book and you will understand what I mean!

    This book is a jewel and a “must buy for 2022!

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