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I’m a full-time husband and Daddy, . . . and a “recovering ego-holic” — and I love each role.

Before retiring in 2016, I served two private southern universities as an administrator, staffer, instructor and publicist; New York City and Chicago PR agencies as an account exec; a marketing consultant for small businesses and non-profits; as well as a DirecTV customer service rep.

However, soon after receiving top industry and company awards at most of those jobs, I was fired. Thirteen times. And during those 39 years, I never ever received any job promotions . . .

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"Ego Addiction Detox"


From the Media

Hear from tim about ego-holism and his own re-covering journey.

"What Readers Are Saying . . ."

“Unfortunately, Timmy is the perfect person to write this book.”

Mrs. Zeola Allston, 90, retired elementary school teacher, college administrator and mother of the author

“Tim: Your Ego-holic recovering concept is one of the most needed subjects I’ve ever seen surface. I believe your understanding of this subject will have a major, positive impact on society. I don’t know of anyone else who speaks or writes about anything like this, much less who has the courage to admit that they are ‘in recovery.’ This takes great courage and is from the Lord.”

Juanell Teague, Author, The Zig Ziglar Difference: How the Greatest Motivational Speaker of the Century Has Changed Lives—And How He Can Change Yours

“Tim Allston has boldly taken the first steps to recovering. It takes guts to reveal your faults;
especially if the enemy is yourself—and your fault is an addiction! He has recognized his problem and admitted he can’t become a new person himself. With God’s help, Tim is taking steps to become the person God designed him to be and in the process helping others discover the way to recovering. Thanks, Tim!”

Kay Kuzma, Ed. D., Author and Founder, Family Matters Ministry

Blogging along the Recovering Road . . .

Creating a Community of Thought

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January 1, 2019

Bravo! Starbucks’ Top Dog took it to the TOP

April 18, 2018

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