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Since 1977, Tim Allston has served in various industries, including private universities, multinational PR agencies, and a broadcast satellite service company. During this period he has received various industry awards in marketing/public relations, higher education administration, and customer service retention.


However, his true calling came to light when he received a word from God. This calling was a ministry for servant leadership, which involved, recovering from his addiction to self, which he coined as “ego-holism,” as well as embracing his lifelong passion for empowering, educating, and equipping emerging leadership from the middle.

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  • Leadership Coaching for CEOs, and Emerging Leaders from the Middle

  • Author-publisher of 7 Steps to Manage Ego Problems: The How-to Guide for “somebody else" and the four-part Silver-Mettle Leaders series

  • Staff administration in higher education at two private universities

  • Presenting current events and newsmakers through the lens of Biblical best practices, and the leadership approach of Jesus Christ as a servant leader

  • Professional Speaking

  • Client Spokesmanship

  • Extensive Seminar-Workshop Facilitation

  • PR Management

  • Customer Service and Academic Retention


  • Accredited, Public Relations, Society of America

  • Certified Life Coach, American Association of Christian Counselors

  • Certified Life Coach, ABIDE Training Network

  • Doctoral Candidate, Educational Leadership and Management, Capella University

  • Award-winning Account Executive with Burson Marsteller and Hill and Knowlton

  • Director of Public Relations, Oakwood University

  • Assistant Director of Public Relations, Hampton University

  • Assistant Director of Freshman Studies, Hampton University

New SML4 front cover 2-26-23 .png
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  • Compare Jordan’s “The Last Dance” with Jesus’ “The Last Supper”

  • Who’s the controversial Sixth Man on Jesus’ Starting Five?

  • Would you pair these NBA stars with these Bible characters ex: Captain Magic Johnson the Super Laker vs. Captain Naaman the Syrian Leper?

  • What’s with the BIG LYE about Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlain?

  • NBA: Why did you retire the wrong # for Bill Russell?

  • Where’s the Enigmatic Kyrie Irving vs. the Evangelistic Steph Curry? 

  • Is Ja Morant this decade’s “Kobe Bryant 2.0”?

  • Q: When Jesus and the NBA meet for the opening Jump Ball, WHO will win the tip?